Frontier Bargaining Update - May 20, 2022

Your Bargaining Committee has met with Frontier’s committee several days regarding the topics mentioned below. After numerous arguments and counter proposals we have agreed to recess while we review Frontier’s Wage and TPA counter.

 Topics addressed were:

 ●CPSL – California Paid Sick Leave

The Union argued Frontier’s current application of deducting CPSL from our contractual Personal Holidays (bucket) continues to be an issue for the rank-and-file. Our Personal Holidays were introduced as paid time off, not for the purposes of covering illness absent time off. Frontier’s position is they are in compliance with California law – we beg todiffer. California law requires (qualified) employers to pay employees at the wage rate of 100%, rolling over unused time, and with no waiting period; therefore, continuing to utilize the Personal Holiday bucket is an issue for Us, and You.


The Union reiterated our original proposal that we must have security provisions for the life of the contractual agreement.  Frontier remains firm in their position of not extending through the life of the contract (September 2024). The Union was quick to remind Frontier that by agreeing to Job Security to the Life of the Contractual Agreement there is no risk because:

  • Applied and Granted CASF Funds
  • Fiber Build
  • CEO Nick Jeffery’s continued public announcements that Frontier is in a financial position to award Hundreds if not Thousands of Bonus’ applicable to Management ONLY. Where Is Your Bonus????


Frontier opened today’s discussion with a revised wage proposal. While there is movement, the Union will not settle for pennies on the dollar $$ 

What is Fact or Fiction …

Is Frontier in a lucrative position to reward bonuses to Management and Stockholders (once again), or is Frontier misleading the public with a false narrative?

Your Union Bargaining Committee,

Lynn Johnson, Area Director CWA                      Steve Maldonado, Vice President CWA Local 9400

Don Ruiz, Staff Representative CWA                  Thomas Gardella, Vice President CWA Local 9510

Lisa Shafer, President CWA Local 9575              Maggie McCormack, President CWA Local 9588

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