Frontier Communications

Today,  the  CWA Bargaining  Committee  met  to  discuss  Frontier’s  lack  of adequate  movement  concerning  Job Security,  Wages  and TPA.  The  team worked collectively on counter proposals to address the rightfully deserved DEMANDS of the membership. Our counter proposals are more than fair in terms  of  CEO  Jeffery’s  latest  Listen  Live  (town  hall).  Our  Job  Security proposal locks in a trained, skilled workforce to expand Frontier’s footprint and the public’s perception of a mismanaged sinking ship…

Your Bargaining Committee has met with Frontier’s committee several days regarding the topics mentioned below. After numerous arguments and counter proposals we have agreed to recess while we review Frontier’s Wage and TPA counter.

 Topics addressed were:

 ●CPSL – California Paid Sick Leave

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (May 9, 11, 12), your Union Bargaining Committee continued to meet with Frontier in Federal Mediation.  The Company and the Union made slight progress on several demands from the Union membership.

 The items addressed and still in progress are:

 •   California Paid Sick Leave

•   Healthcare Cost (Cost Share, Open Enrollment, Plan Options)

•   Job Security Provisions

•   Wages (We reiterated that this remains an outstanding item)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (May 4-6), your Union Bargaining Committee continued to meet with Frontier in Federal Mediation. The Company again started off stagnant in any monetary and job security proposals; however, after receiving an animated statement from District 9 Vice President Arce, they agreed to start with the non-monetary items that are outstanding in a good faith effort. The Company also agreed to meet on the outstanding critical items (Wages and Job Security), again in good faith, after we conclude on WAH and CPSL.

On Thursday and Friday (April 28-29), your Union Bargaining Committee met with Frontier in Federal Mediation. The Company remained stagnant in any monetary and job security proposals. The Company and Union will be back in Federal Mediation this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Your Bargaining Committee continues to push Frontier concerning monetary demands and job security.

Now is not the time to relax!

Ramp up mobilization!

Item  1. Election of Directors

Recommendation: Vote your conscience

Tuesday April 26, your Union Bargaining Committee met with Frontier prior to entering Federal Mediation on April 28. The Union reached tentative agreement with the Company prior to Mediation on these items:

 1)  Healthcare – The tobacco user rate for all health plans will not exceed $50 above the non-tobacco rate.

2)  Healthcare – The current employees covered by the EPO, will have a one-time opportunity to revert to the closed Healthnet Plan.

Today, during our meeting with the Company they blatantly rejected all written Union proposals, which included Wages, Job Security, Call Routing, and Call Center Commitment. The Company again maintained their stance that they will not entertain a lifetime agreement with regards to any Security provisions. Frontier’s position is firm that security provisions shall expire in 2024 prior to the expiration of the contract.

In our meeting with the Company today we received a counter offer allowing members in the EPO Healthcare plan to transition to the closed Healthnet Insurance Plan on a one-time basis. Many of our members transitioned to the EPO Plan prior to the deductible for medical and prescription being applied, this would give those members the opportunity to return to an HMO plan.

We met with the Company today and discussed in detail California Paid Sick Leave. We had met with Legal Counsel on this subject and proposed to the Company our language that allows our members to utilize CPSL as a true sick benefit.

The Company is taking back our proposed language on CPSL and we will meet on this at our next meeting. The Company is still reviewing our position on Healthcare and we will also be discussing in our next meeting.