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Our Vision For Medium

We, an overwhelming majority of Medium workers across the company — including engineering, editorial, design, product, and other departments — are forming a union with the Communications Workers of America, part of Local 9410.

Here's why:
Medium is a space where the world’s stories are told, whether by professional journalists, industry experts, brave dissidents, or burgeoning writers. We’re a platform that strives to be open to everyone, and our work has helped to democratize an industry, hold power to account, and connect readers and writers to meaningful communities. Our strength as a company comes from a dedicated team of engineers, editors, reporters, data analysts, marketers, designers, curators, producers, partnership managers, and administrators — all who work tirelessly to help Medium be a force for good in the world.

We are organizing because both tech and media are at a crossroads, and it is more important than ever that companies in both industries are equitable and supportive of their employees. This is the age of newsroom buyouts, startups folding, tech companies shifting more jobs to contractors, and the general implosion of independent media. Tech and media companies alike are constantly changing direction, dissolving and reforming, pivoting and refocusing. This often creates business advantages, but it also upends workers’ lives. To thrive as a creative, sustainable platform, Medium must support and protect its workforce and create the best environment possible in these turbulent times.

We will hold Medium, and ourselves, to ethical and just standards. We’ll amplify the voices of the marginalized. We’ll defend democracy with our platform. We’ll restore justice where harm has been done. We’ll help shape a company where all are welcome, protected, and have an equitable share in decision making. And together we’ll build a platform where our users are guaranteed the same.

Every worker at Medium deserves a voice. Unionizing is an act of care — we are using our collective power to protect and champion our users, our fellow coworkers, and our work. Together, we can create a Medium that lives up to its values. Our union stands in solidarity with all other workers, on-platform and off.

We ask that Medium leadership voluntarily recognize our Medium Workers Union and commit to participating in a good faith relationship with us.

Member Benefits

Union Plus offers services and discounts, including savings on wireless service, travel and more.

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