About Us


The CWA Southern California Council (SCC) is a 501(c)(4) Labor organization founded for the purpose of coordinating the activities of the participating Local unions both independently and in cooperation with the activities of our International Union, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and to promote cooperation and understanding between CWA members.

There are currently 13 autonomous CWA Local unions representing approximately 27,000 active and retired members in the SCC, making it the largest of three Councils within CWA District 9.  All CWA Locals which are chartered by the CWA and whose jurisdiction lies in part or in whole in Southern California, are eligible for Council membership.

The SCC Leadership Team includes our Executive Board and Committee Chairs.


Chairman T Santora (Local 9003)

Vice Chairman Steve Maldonado (Local 9400)

Secretary Treasurer Lisa Shafer (Local 9575)

Executive Board Representatives

AT&T Art Gonzalez (Local 9511)

Frontier/Verizon Jennifer Wilson (Local 9575)

NABET Lou Gabriele (Local 59053)

UPTE Fernando Martinez (Local 9119)

Committee Chairs

Legislative & Political Bob Cole (Local 9510)

Education Margaret Ferreira (9510) & Lisa Shafer (Local 9575)

Health & Safety Robert Harris (Local 9400)

Community Services Rose Whitney (Local 9400)

Organizing Juan Ramon Alvarez (Local 14904)

Members Assistance Shelia Bordeaux (Local 9003)

Equity Maurice Washington (9400)

Women's Pandy Allen (Local 9003)

Mobilization Maggie McCormack (Local 9588)

Customer Service Andi Flores (Local 9575)