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CWA District 9 Disaster Relief

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For members and retirees who find themselves experiencing the loss of their homes or being temporarily displaced because of mandatory evacuations our thoughts and prayers are with you and we have listed below resources available to you.

Application for Assistance, available for active members or retirees paying full dues:  

CWA Disaster Relief Fund - Member Handbook: Guidelines and Application 

United Way Disaster Recovery Funds

Salvation Army

California Department of Insurance, Wildfire Resources



For those CWA members who wish to help our union brothers and sisters in need your contributions to the CWA District 9 Disaster Relief Fund will go directly to assist CWA members who have been affected by this disaster.

If you are a CWA member affected by a disaster, please call your Local union office as soon as possible so your Union Brothers and Sisters can help you and your family during this challenging time.

In Unity,

Your CWA Family