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More than 700,000 men and women in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico belong to our union, the Communications Workers of America. Employees come to CWA for help because they work in fields like communications, education or health care, or because they know CWA has an aggressive and successful organizing program.

Workers choose CWA because they want dignity, respect, and a real voice at their jobs, workplace, and company. Our union has a proven record of achievement for men and women working at small companies and in large corporations, and in state, county, and local government.

We can help you and other employees where you work build an organizing committee and establish a union. Once you've voted for union representation, CWA will provide research, legislative and technical support to make sure you negotiate a strong union contract with your employer. Contracts contain enforceable protections and rights for employees--protections and rights that mean a better life for you and your family.

If your are interested in organizing a union in California, Nevada, Hawaii or Guam, call us in Sacramento, CA, at 916-921-4500 and leave a voicemail with a call back number. You can also drop us an e-mail to talk it over.

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Why a Union?

We deserve to be respected and treated well where we work. Every employer, from the smallest company to the largest corporation, and in state, local and county government, should treat us with dignity and respect, providing good pay, benefits and working conditions.

Unfortunately, many employers are so concerned with profits and the bottom line that they overlook our welfare, satisfaction, or input. That's why thousands of working men and women like us are choosing to organize with CWA every year. When you successfully organize and get CWA representation, you get a real voice in your workplace and future:

  • You get the legal right to bargain with your employer over pay, benefits, health care, employment security, retirement, and other conditions of employment.
  • You get to negotiate over policies affecting promotions, job bidding, layoffs, and many other aspects of your job and workplace.

In CWA, you will be part of one of America's largest and most diverse unions. We work not just in the communications and information industries, but also in the news media, the airlines, broadcast and cable television, public service, higher education and health care, manufacturing, and public safety and law enforcement and more.

How To Organize

If you and your coworkers are interested in organizing together, CWA will help you build majority support during your campaign. But experience shows us that for workers to create a viable union that truly represents their wishes, it's best they lead the campaign and organize themselves. CWA will provide you with support and guidance after you and your co-workers take the first steps to forming your union.

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