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Staff Roster

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CWA District 9 
2804 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95833
Phone: 916-921-4500
Fax: 916-921-4559


Our District 9 Team


CWA District 9 Administrative Leadership


Frank Arce, Vice President

Domonique Thomas, Assistant to the Vice President

Lynn Johnson, Area Director

Heidi Moschetti, Confidential Administrative Assistant


CWA Staff Support |OPEIU Local 29


Natalie Bullo, Sr. Technical Specialist 

Ana Mercado, Secretary II

Adriana Aguilar, Secretary II


CWA Staff Representatives | CWA Staff Union


Cherie Brokaw, Staff Representative

Adrián Acosta, Staff Representative

Robert Longer, Staff Representative / Legislative & Political

Maggie McCormack, Staff Representative

Derek Walker, Staff Representative

Michael Barfield, Staff Representative

Adrian Regalado, Staff Representative


CWA Organizing Coordinators and Campaign Leads | CWA Staff Union


Victor Serrano, District Organizing Coordinator

Rose Gonzalez, District Organizing Coordinator

Kenny Williams, Senior Campaign Lead

Emma Kinema, Senior Campaign Lead

Sal Espinoza, Senior Campaign Lead

Yvonne Melton, Campaign Lead / Legislative & Political