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AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #19 - May 2, 2024

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #19

May 2, 2024

Since the most recent update, there have been minimal developments at the bargaining table.  However your team did observe positive movement last week, but unfortunately, it didn’t last long.  Monday showed a drastic twist; the company took an even more rigid stance in negotiations by restating its four-year 10.25% wage proposal as fair compensation above the market value for the work that you do.  They also believe the membership would gladly accept a 10.25% raise. Are they right? 

After Monday, we met in a sub-committee throughout the week on various topics. Two topics were the prem tech scope of work and the Article 8 layoff table.  The company has explicitly stated that they will not end the bargaining process without these items, and your bargaining team has been holding firm. We have made it clear that we have no desire to move the scope of work and will not be strong-armed or intimidated into giving these things away. Another item we have discussed in the subcommittee is upgrades to Appendix E. The company has rejected every proposal we have passed to upgrade the quality of work life for the members in Appendix E. The company has made it extremely clear that they didn't come to bargaining with any intent to improve the lives of Appendix E employees without shifting the scope of work. There is a cost to everything the company has said, and they only seem to believe that when it benefits them and not when we discuss compensation for the work we do.

Your bargaining team is committed to fighting for the demands that the members made through the bargaining surveys. It's time for the company to recognize the value of its workers and meet those demands. It's time for the company to acknowledge the poor working conditions and work-life balance that some members must navigate daily because they cannot run the business without running their employees into the ground! 

Lastly, we’ve received reports that the company has been passing out E-time to various titles across the district. We urge you, first and foremost, to refrain from taking E-time. We believe in your resourcefulness and know you can find something productive to do instead. Taking E-time during negotiations only benefits the company, not the rank and file or the bargaining team. 

In unity lies strength. Stand strong and united to ensure our voices are heard. Together, we can achieve a fair and equitable contract.

 Mike Barfield, Staff Representative           Jason Hall, Local 9423      Art Gonzalez, Local 9511                                       Chris Roberts, Local 9509                           John Miller, Local 9421


AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #19 - May 2, 2024
AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #19 - May 2, 2024