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After numerous weeks of Effects Bargaining, we are pleased to announce that CWA and AT&T have successfully concluded negotiations. During our bargaining sessions your committee was not only able to achieve important improvements for our members that transitioned to DIRECTV but we were also able to obtain important clarification on language regarding benefits and working conditions. These clarifications and the negotiated enhancements are critical in securing our members’ best interest.

Listed below are important items achieved:

Assumption MoA: This MoA recognizes CWA as the Union that represents the employees that transitioned from AT&T to DIRECTV. The Represented Employees are covered by several collective bargaining agreements that DirecTV has guaranteed to assume. This agreement is critical to our members who transitioned to DIRECTV.

Remainder Employees MoA: Added protection for a small group of grandfathered employees whose Legacy contractual benefits would have been compromised.

Pension and 401(k): Assured that under the terms of the deal, all pension and 401(k) balances, including matching contributions, for any unvested AT&T employee became immediate and 100% vested as of deal close.

Success Sharing: There will be no change for employees who are eligible to participate in the negotiated Success Sharing Plan for Plan Year 2021.

Rehire Priority Consideration Process: Regarding former AT&T employees who transitioned to DIRECTV on August 1, 2021, the Company will give consideration to former AT&T employees who apply for any AT&T job openings they are qualified for, prior to other external applicants. The Company will implement this process as soon as administratively possible. This consideration is not retroactive and will expire two (2) years after the implementation date.

Referral Rewards: DIRECTV employees may continue to participate in the “You Refer Program” after closing and until further notice; therefore, you will receive credit for the referral post close.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our CWA members for their continued support in this bargaining process. It is an honor to represent you!

In Unity,

Sylvia J. Ramos, Assistant to VP, District 6

Domonique Thomas, Assistant to VP, District 9

Pat Telesco, Area Director, District 1

Angela Wells, Administrative Director, District 3

Ron Gay, Jr., Staff Representative, District 4

Herman Junkin, Jr., Staff Representative, District 3

Mary Jo Reilly, Staff Representative, Telecommunications & Technologies