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CWA District 4 Holds Annual Meeting

CWA District 4, led by Vice President Linda L. Hinton, held its annual meeting last week in Detroit, Mich. Speakers included CWA President Claude Cummings Jr.; Secretary-Treasurer Ameenah Salaam; IUE-CWA Industrial Division President Carl Kennebrew; Public, Healthcare and Education Workers Vice President Margaret Cook; Telecommunications and Technologies Vice President Lisa Bolton; Central Region At-Large Executive Board Member Erika White; and special guest Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer (D).

President Cummings emphasized the importance of solidarity, saying, “We owe it to that teacher whose pay comes from local tax revenues. We owe it to that child who needs a safe, decent place to live and food on the table so they can do well in school and make their own future some day. We owe it to all of them to win in these contract negotiations so workers don’t just have good pay and benefits but always have a say in how they are treated. We can’t do any of that without unity first.”

Secretary-Treasurer Ameenah Salaam took a moment to recognize her mentor, Vice President Linda L. Hinton, saying, “She has been a person who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Believe me, there’s a difference, so I appreciate her nurturing along the way. Thank you, my sister.” Salaam went on to enumerate the many changes she has made to the Secretary-Treasurer’s office and her plans, already underway, to make every dollar work for CWA members.

Members also took part in several workshops with titles such as “Human Trafficking – Hidden in Plain Sight, A Perspective” and “How Workers Can Shape the Future of A.I.” The gathering also featured reports from the CWA District 4 Retired Members Council, Next Gen, and the Human Rights Committee.

Claude Cummings at CWA District 4 Meeting 
Above: CWA President Claude Cummings Jr. addressed the crowd at the CWA District 4 Annual Meeting, calling for greater unity and continued solidarity across the organization. 

Below: Also at the CWA District 4 Annual Meeting, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (center) joined CWA Secretary-Treasurer Ameenah Salaam (left) and CWA District 4 Vice President Linda L. Hinton. 
CWA District 4 Meeting - Gov. Whitmer


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