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CWA DTV/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin # 1 December 15, 2016

CWA DTV/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin # 1

December 15, 2016


Opening statement to AT&T Labor Relations made by Thomas Runnion, Vice President CWA District 9:

Today we begin negotiations on behalf of our DIRECTV members. CWA has canvassed our members on the issues and concerns that are important to them. These will be addressed at the bargaining table.

On behalf of the 2,200 plus members we represent, we expect the Company -- AT&T -- to be receptive to addressing our issues!

AT&T has been posting historically high profits and is rewarding investors with an annual dividend now of 5 percent. That’s more than double the average yield of all S &P companies.

AT&T has great growth prospects thanks to the acquisition of DIRECTV, and sales and the customer base will continue to expand. 

That’s all great news.

Its great news that AT&T is “massively profitable,” as Income Investors put it. It’s great news that investors are rewarded.

We need to complete this picture by making sure that AT&T also shares those profits with the workers who make AT&T so successful. The DIRECTV workers who are called on to serve all those new customers? They need to be recognized for their skill and rewarded for their hard work. That will be a critical element in these negotiations.

But bargaining isn’t only about money. Important as well are basic respect and common decency. AT&T has a responsibility as a leading corporate citizen to also lead when it comes to treating workers with respect.

Again, our members contribute enormously to AT&T’s success. That work and commitment must be acknowledged.

Thank you District 9 Vice President Tom Runnion for joining us on opening day and for your statement.

All official negotiation and mobilization information will be delivered on the District 9 website ( Local Websites and email lists.

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