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Frontier Bargaining Update

06 Jul, 2022

Today your Bargaining Committee continued to propose fair and equitable offers that would reward the members for their outstanding work during these past few years of COVID-19, Bankruptcy and Ownership/Management changes. Our offers included a wage proposal north of 9% and 10% (Frontier’s continued offer) with the increases being front loaded; delayed medical contribution increases to 2023; enhanced Job Security language; an Employee Achievement Award (a profit sharing program), in lieu of the TPA to ensure ALL bargained  members  receive  an annual  compensation.  The Company rejected it ALL  and responded that they are firm in their position…The Company blatantly stated that all other Bargaining Units accepted the 9% with TPA or 10% without TPA. The inference is you don’t deserve more despite CA making over 60% of the Company’s total income?

Nick Jeffery falsely states that the Company is supportive of their employees…but we know that’s not true-look at the lack of respect during negotiations!  Talk is CHEAP…  “Hey Frontier show us true support and give CA members what they deserve for helping save this Company!”


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