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Frontier Bargaining Update

11 Apr, 2022

Today, during our meeting with the Company they blatantly rejected all written Union proposals, which included Wages, Job Security, Call Routing, and Call Center Commitment. The Company again maintained their stance that they will not entertain a lifetime agreement with regards to any Security provisions. Frontier’s position is firm that security provisions shall expire in 2024 prior to the expiration of the contract.

To clarify questions received at the Local or District, the Company stood by their last counter offer for those Work-at-Home members, for those that wish to return to the Center, to allow ONLY 10 bargaining unit wide to have retreat rights back to their work locations. Obviously, as said before, this is a ridiculously insulting proposal. Your Bargaining Team is continuing to fight to allow members the ability to return to the workplace if they so choose without reprisal (e.g. Pandemic).

The Company’s proposal continues with the status quo of utilizing personal holidays for these absences with the minimum use of 2-hour increments.  The Company claims the Union’s proposal violates California law with utilizing the sick bucket for all CPSL absences.  The Company stated that, at the request of the Union’s Legal Counsel, their Counsel will be contacting the Union’s Counsel.

Your Bargaining Team has requested Mediation and the Company showed no interest, it was lukewarm at best…



 Your Union Bargaining Committee,

Lynn Johnson, CWA Area Director                     Steve Maldonado, CWA Local 9400 Vice President Don Ruiz, CWA Staff Rep                                    Thomas Gardella, CWA Local 9510 Vice President Lisa Shafer, CWA Local 9575 President             Maggie McCormack, CWA Local 9588 President

Frontier Bargaining Update - April 11, 2022
Apr 12, 2022
Frontier Bargaining Update - April 11, 2022

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