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Organizing Updates Around CWA - Maximus and more


Workers organizing with CWA at federal call center contractor Maximus announced that they are ready to strike in a new video released this week. The workers, who handle Medicare and Affordable Care Act calls, intend to strike on November 9, during the open enrollment period for those programs, if their calls for livable wages and better working conditions continue to go unanswered.

As the largest federal call center contractor, Maximus has not aligned with President Biden’s commitments to advancing racial equity and supporting workers who want to organize unions, coming under fire after complaints of low wages and minimal protections from abusive callers in the workplace, allegations of union-busting, and unsafe working conditions. The union is calling for HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to investigate Maximus’ labor practices to determine whether it is fulfilling its obligations as a federal contractor.

Support Maximus workers by clicking here to send a letter to Secretary Becerra telling him that it is time to investigate Maximus!

Maximus Video Screenshot


More Organizing News

Workers at digital privacy rights organization The Calyx Institute won recognition as members of CWA Local 1101.

Workers at Verizon subcontractor OSD Utilities won recognition as members of CWA Local 1101. OSD completes finishing work (concrete, slabs, cement curbs etc.) during FIOS buildouts.

Workers at the Lawrence Community Shelter are organizing to join CWA Local 6400.

Workers at the Fair Housing Council of Oregon voted to join CWA as members of Fair Housing Workers of Oregon-CWA Local 7901.

A majority of the staff at Santa Fe, N.M., conservation group WildEarth Guardians won voluntary recognition to join the Denver Newspaper Guild, TNG-CWA Local 37074.

Workers at Embarcadero Media won voluntary recognition to join The Pacific Media Workers Guild, NewsGuild-CWA Local 39521.


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