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On the Strike Line – Randy Stoernell

On the Strike Line – Randy Stoernell 
Randy Stoernell (TNG-CWA Local 38061) participates in a strike meeting. (PHOTO CREDIT: Steve Mellon, Pittsburgh Union Progress, TNG-CWA 38061)

Name: Randy Stoernell
Local: The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, TNG-CWA Local 38061
Workplace: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Title: Content editor, sports department
Experience: 30 years officially, as of April 23 (spent 9–10 years as a sports stringer before that).
Strike Time: 1.5+ years
Quote: “I don't understand how you can dedicate all this time to this company, and it turns around and treats you with all of this disrespect."
Inspiration: “It takes a lot of courage to do what our colleagues have done to remain on strike this past year and a half."


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