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Tell Congress: Investigate AT&T







My name is J.R. I work at AT&T Mobility in Westfield, NJ and I’m a member of CWA Local 1101. This week I joined hundreds of other CWA members to let customers know how AT&T is hurting our communities, cutting jobs, and abandoning the workers who made the company so successful. Thousands of CWAers are currently fighting for fair contracts to ensure good jobs at the company, but AT&T keeps stonewalling.

Check out the pictures from our leafleting action this week.Click here to view the album on Facebook.

Workers in the Midwest and in the Legacy T unit have been fighting for contracts for over a year now. In Puerto Rico, where AT&T Mobility workers worked tirelessly to rebuild the AT&T wireless network after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, the company is refusing to ensure its two call centers will even stay open.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson pushed hard to get Congress to pass the corporate tax cut bill in 2017, and promised to create at least 7,000 jobs if they got a big tax break. Well, AT&T ran away with billions in tax cuts and then eliminated over 23,000 jobs in favor of sending our work to low-wage contractors and other countries. That’s money out of our pockets to make the people at the top richer and richer.

It’s clear the company isn’t just going to give us the job security, pay, and benefits we deserve. We have to demand it.

Can you join over 11,000 other CWAers and allies and send a letter to Congress to demand an investigation into what AT&T did with its tax cut windfall?

Click here to send a letter.

If you’ve already sent a letter, please share this link with your coworkers to encourage them to take action:

AT&T wants to weaken our job security, close our call centers and stores, offshore our work, and cut our healthcare. If we want AT&T to be held accountable, we all must take action and stand in solidarity with our coworkers fighting for fair contracts.

In solidarity,
J.R. Onwuzurike
CWA Local 1101 member and AT&T Mobility worker

Text Mobility to 69866 to Join Our Text List.