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CWA / ATTM Orange CBA - Bargaining Report #18

21 Apr, 2022

CWA-AT&T Orange Mobility-Bargaining Report #18
April 21, 2022

Bargaining has continued this week and thanks to the escalated mobilization efforts of our membership, progress is still being made at the table on various key issues. However, we are still very far apart on many others and have a long way to go in reaching our goal of a fair contract. It is unacceptable that a corporation that brags about its best first quarter in ten years bring just pennies to the bargaining table. Your bargaining team has made it crystal clear to the Company that we will accept nothing less than a fair compensation package for our members. Those first quarter results are a direct result of the hard work and dedication of our membership, and it is long overdue for AT&T to recognize that at this table and stop hoarding its profits. Your voices need to be heard! If you have not gotten involved in this fight, NOW is the time to do so. Mobilization efforts are scaling up across the Orange Contract, this Company needs to hear you. Get Involved!! Bargaining is scheduled to continue for the remainder of this week.


In  Solidarity:

Pat  Telesco,  District  1; Tonya  Hodges,  District  1;

Michael  Baxter,  Local  1101; Frank  Oliva,  Local  1298 ;

Hannah  Long,  Local  2204; Jeff  Reamer,  Local  13000;

Julie  Daloisio,  Local  13500; Renee  Rouser,  Local  4320;

Danielle  Brewer-Collier,  Local  4900; Corey  Davis,  Local  7103; 

Rosa  Wilson,  Local  7110; Alex  Dorado,  Local  9421;

Erdem  Onder,  Local  9509 

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