CWA Human Rights Department: AFL- CIO Constituency Group Sponsorship Program

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CWA Human Rights Department: AFL- CIO Constituency Group Sponsorship Program

The CWA Human Rights Department is once again sponsoring CWA members to attend AFL-CIO Constituency Group Conventions - virtually for the time being (once the CWA travel ban is lifted, we will also accept applications for in-person conventions/events).  The constituency groups / partner organizations are as follows:

  • A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI)
  • Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)
  • Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU)
  • Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW)
  • Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA)
  • Pride at Work ([email protected])
The goal of this sponsorship program is to facilitate participation and joint project work between CWA members and the Constituency Partner Organizations.  This scholarship program seeks to identify and support activists who will be “connectors” between our union and these organizations.

Up to six (6) applicants per event from all of CWA's Districts/Sectors/Divisions will be selected from among the pool of qualified applicants to attend each Convention.  If an applicant is selected, they, along with their Local President, will be notified that a sponsorship is being awarded.

The application can be found HERE or below/attached.  Applicants must submit their application to Robert Longer, the D9 Staff Representative over Human Rights, by e-mail to: [email protected]
If you have any questions about the application process or the sponsorship program, please contact Robert Longer at [email protected] or 916-335-5492.
Thank you.

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