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CWA Local 9423 Service Heroes Recognized

Vice President Tom Runnion and District 9, wish to join CWA Local 9423 in recognizing two of our members for going well above and beyond the call of duty against a great personal risk to put our customers back in service after a landslide buried facilities.

Watch the youtube video here:
AT&T Whitacre Award 2017 | AT&T
(Big Sur Landslide at 0:23)

Splicer Matthew Jacobs, with 21 years of service, and Kevin Dahlen, with almost 34 years of service, received the Company's Whitacre Award for their exemplary work recently in Big Sur, feeding hundreds of feet of cable under the interstate which was buried beneath a landslide.

Working 16 hour days, under the constant threat of rockslides and not being able to leave the area due to clean-up efforts (the road, in and out, kept changing as the "rock trucks", based out of the staging area Camp Roberts, were moving dirt which affected the ability to access the buried facilities), yet our members managed to get the job done!

We are proud of the commitment that Jacobs and Dahlen demonstrated under pressure and threat to their personal safety at the Big Sur landslide. We also know that our Members in CWA always "step up" and make sure our customers are taken care of.


Matthew Jacobs (left) and Kevin Dahlen (right)