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Frontier Bargaining Update

Frontier counter proposal returned to their original offer of 10% wage increase minus the TPA (Team Performance Award).  Frontier’s proposal maintained the agreement with regards to full retro-pay back to March 7, 2021, contingent upon ratification of the second tentative agreement.  If not ratified, the effective date would revert back to September 5, 2021.

Your Bargaining Committee presented a comprehensive proposal that included waiving employee contributions for 2022, one-time opt-out for those seeking to leave the EPO plan, and reducing the employee’s contribution for the life of the Agreement. Frontier’s counter proposal had slight movement towards our initial proposal; agreeing that employee contributions will commence January 1, 2023 as opposed to April 2022 and to the one-time opt-out for employees enrolled in the EPO plan.  At this moment, we do not have an agreement in principal with other items outstanding. 

The Committee proposed elimination of the FIOS Jobs of the Future due to the misuse of the MOA’s intent.  The Committee presented evidence, thanks to the Membership reporting safety infractions that continued use of unskilled contractors is risking the growth of Frontier’s footprint in the CA market.  Frontier formally rejected our proposal.  We, the skilled labor force, need to send Frontier’s CEO a message that the Members are helping them achieve their commitment to the market.

As stated in previous updates the Committee proposed language that would extend the 2015 Acquisition MOA (job security) for the life of this Agreement (September 2024).  Frontier countered with March 2024.  The Committee refused to accept Frontier’s counter. Frontier returned with another counter moving the expiration date to May 1, 2024. 

The Committee proposed replacing the Juneteenth holiday with Veteran’s Day for the 2022 calendar year.  Frontier did not formally reject our proposal but agreed to discuss incorporating the holiday after a tentative agreement is achieved.

As a counter to the Committee’s Job Security proposal Frontier proposed an Enhanced ISP allowance two-times the existing contractual ISP, maximum $69,750. Voluntary Termination Pay MOA would be an additional enhancement, $10,000 plus six (6) months of medical for those that qualify.

Your Bargaining Committee,

Lisa Shafer, President Local 9575

Steve Maldonado, Vice President Local 9400

Thomas Gardella, Vice President Local 9510


Maggie McCormack, President Local 9588

Don Ruiz, Staff Representative District 9

Lynn Johnson, Area Director District 9


Frontier Bargaining Update - June 30, 2022
Frontier Bargaining Update - June 30, 2022