Frontier Bargaining Update - May 24, 2022

Today,  the  CWA Bargaining  Committee  met  to  discuss  Frontier’s  lack  of adequate  movement  concerning  Job Security,  Wages  and TPA.  The  team worked collectively on counter proposals to address the rightfully deserved DEMANDS of the membership. Our counter proposals are more than fair in terms  of  CEO  Jeffery’s  latest  Listen  Live  (town  hall).  Our  Job  Security proposal locks in a trained, skilled workforce to expand Frontier’s footprint and the public’s perception of a mismanaged sinking ship…

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Your Union Bargaining Committee,

Lynn Johnson, CWA Area Director                   Steve Maldonado, CWA Local 9400 Vice President Don Ruiz, CWA Staff Rep                                  Thomas Gardella, CWA Local 9510 Vice President Lisa Shafer, CWA Local 9575 President           Maggie McCormack, CWA Local 9588 President

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