Frontier Bargaining Update - May 25, 2022

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Company today with no real progress. Despite the Union’s continued efforts to offer respectable counter proposals on Wages, Healthcare and Job Security, the Company responded with we are not living in the “REAL WORLD” asking for Job Security to the end of the contract, in fact, we were told it is “UNREALISTIC.” The Company continues to disrespect all of us by showing no interest in moving Job Security to the end of the contract or including the employees hired after April 1, 2016.

We Need to Show Them OUR Real World!

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Your Union Bargaining Committee,

Lynn Johnson, CWA Area Director                     Steve Maldonado, CWA Local 9400 Vice President Don Ruiz, CWA Staff Rep                                  Thomas Gardella, CWA Local 9510 Vice President Lisa Shafer, CWA Local 9575 President             Maggie McCormack, CWA Local 9588 President

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