Frontier Bargaining Update - May 6, 2022

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (May 4-6), your Union Bargaining Committee continued to meet with Frontier in Federal Mediation. The Company again started off stagnant in any monetary and job security proposals; however, after receiving an animated statement from District 9 Vice President Arce, they agreed to start with the non-monetary items that are outstanding in a good faith effort. The Company also agreed to meet on the outstanding critical items (Wages and Job Security), again in good faith, after we conclude on WAH and CPSL.

The Company made statements they are reading our social media posts and that they have an idea as to where we sit as a bargaining unit. Your bargaining committee has repeatedly told the Company that this bargaining unit has spoken loud and clear that the low ball offers that were being presented by the Company "are NOT good enough".  We vehemently reiterated “The T.A. was Rejected!” - yet Frontier does not seem to understand the value of your phenomenal skilled work. It’s time to remind Frontier that YOU are the reason this Company is making money$

Ramp up mobilization!

Frontier needs to know that you the members are serious!

We demand a contract now!

Continue to Stand United…

Make the Company hear you!



Your Union Bargaining Committee,

Lynn Johnson, CWA Area Director          Steve Maldonado, CWA Local 9400 Vice President

Don Ruiz, CWA Staff Rep                           Thomas Gardella, CWA Local 9510 Vice President

Lisa Shafer, CWA Local 9575 President   Maggie McCormack, CWA Local 9588 President

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