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⬛️ Frontier Communications Bargaining Update #59. 🔹 Frontier: the FACT OF THE MATTER IS "Will you be ready?" #FairContractNow

October 19, 2022

Yesterday, Frontier informed CWA and the assigned Mediator they are ready to resume negotiations.  This morning Frontier plans to present their county proposal to CWA’s proposed Apprenticeship Program.

Previously the CWA Committee supplied Frontier with historical data mapping out a blueprint for a functioning Apprenticeship Program associated with an existing CWA contractual agreement.  CWA conveyed the aspect of utilizing Federal and State grants as a method to fund the program (removing financial roadblocks) – this year CWA District 9 was awarded a Federal apprenticeship grant.

CWA will provide another update after today’s session.


As your bargaining committee resumed negotiations with Frontier we addressed the Company’s false claims about our status of bargaining.  Despite the Company’s claims, THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS the Union has waited 8 days for the Company to respond to our presentations and source material provided by our subject  matter  experts.  THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS the Union showed the Company the financial benefits of an Apprenticeship Program. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS the Union has spent an enormous amount of time and energy educating the Company in utilizing an Apprenticeship Program with the ultimate goal and understanding of reducing the number of contractors to protect job security.  THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS the Union is ready to make this program work despite the stalling tactics by the Company.

Negotiations were abruptly ended by the Company when they were presented with THE FACTS OF THE MATTER. We notified the mediators and the Company that we were ready to resume mediation/negotiations today, however, we are scheduled to resume tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. Your bargaining committee is ready and prepared to resume.




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Frontier bargaining 10.19.22