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⚠️ Frontier Communications Bargaining Update #60. Be Prepared and Be Ready! #FairContractNow

22 Oct, 2022

October 21, 2022

Today the Company and the Union met to discuss the final touches on the joint Apprenticeship Program. The Union’s motivation behind the Apprenticeship Program was to bring the Company into compliance to Article 7, which limits contracting to 5%. The program would address Frontier’s claim they are having a difficult time finding qualified applicants. The program would provide the benefit of educating and training external hires without an additional expenditure on the Company through grants thus assisting Frontier with finding qualified applicants and complying with Article 7. The Company’s proposal did nothing to address the issue of meeting the criteria of Article 7. The Company made it clear that their position is to be able to contract at the level stated in the non-existing MOA. The Company, as previously stated by the C.E.O., stands firm on their desire to contract 100% of all work related to Fiber. This goes directly against your job security. The biggest threat to your job security, the use of contractors in all titles!

As usual stay alert to the message from your strike coordinators. Make sure your strike captains have all your updated contact information.

Be Prepared and Be Ready



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Oct 22, 2022


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