Frontier Grievance Strike

Last week, CWA members at Frontier Communications in California participated in an unfair labor practice strike to protest the abusive actions of a Frontier Communications supervisor who retaliated against workers for union related activities, in violation of the National Labor Relations Act, as well as state and federal laws and the company’s code of ethics. After repeated incidents and multiple grievance filings, the members walked off the job in protest. As a result of the strike, the supervisor has been temporarily suspended.

The workers are continuing to bargain with Frontier for a fair contract. Despite entering into federal mediation, the company refused to make progress on several key issues including wages, job security, affordable healthcare, and issues related to working from home.

“In the coming weeks, CWA members at Frontier across the state must ramp up mobilization to make our demands loud and clear and win the contract they deserve,” said Frank Arce, CWA District 9 Vice President. “We must show the company that we will not back down until we get a contract that values the contributions we make to the success of the company and the telecom industry as a whole. I am confident that the members are ready to do what it takes to bring this contract over the finish line.”

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