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The Summer of #NoMoreOffshoring: Call Your Member of Congress!

Working people have watched as thousands of U.S. jobs have been offshored in the past several years because big corporations choose to put profits over people. We must end these corrupt offshoring practices that exploit workers worldwide and decimate U.S. communities that rely on these jobs. 

As part of CWA's "The Summer of #NoMoreOffshoring" campaign to fight back against job loss, corporate tax loopholes, and the trade deals that harm working people, CWA members will be participating in a Day of Action on Friday, June 28, to get Congress to act.

Join the #NoMoreOffshoring movement to urge Congress to support the U.S. Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act (H.R.3219/S.1792) and the No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Act (H.R.1711/S.780). This legislation would stop rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas and reverse the offshoring tax cuts embedded in the GOP tax scam 


Watch CWA's new video featuring workers from AT&T talking about how offshoring is harming working people and their communities.

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