Today,  the  CWA Bargaining  Committee  met  to  discuss  Frontier’s  lack  of adequate  movement  concerning  Job Security,  Wages  and TPA.

Your Bargaining Committee has met with Frontier’s committee several days regarding the topics mentioned below.

The Orange Bargaining Committee continues to meet with the Company. As previously reported, we are making progress and have tentative agreements on many important issues.  There are only a few issues left to reach an agreement, but they are important issues. We need all of you to keep up the fight and put pressure on AT&T. It’s been 5 years since so many of you had enough and walked out on the company in a historic strike at Mobility.
As stated in the last few bargaining reports, we continue to make good progress at the bargaining table. It is very clear to the Bargaining Team that this progress is a direct result of the mobilization going on out in the field. In order to get us to a fair and equitable contract, we need every member covered by the Orange Contract to step up mobilization! You are doing a great job, KEEP FIGHTING!

Tuesday April 26, your Union Bargaining Committee met with Frontier prior to entering Federal Mediation on April 28. The Union reached tentative agreement with the Company prior to Mediation on these items:

 1)  Healthcare – The tobacco user rate for all health plans will not exceed $50 above the non-tobacco rate.

2)  Healthcare – The current employees covered by the EPO, will have a one-time opportunity to revert to the closed Healthnet Plan.

Bargaining has continued this week and thanks to the escalated mobilization efforts of our membership, progress is still being made at the table on various key issues. However, we are still very far apart on many others and have a long way to go in reaching our goal of a fair contract. It is unacceptable that a corporation that brags about its best first quarter in ten years bring just pennies to the bargaining table.
First and foremost, the Orange Bargaining Team would like to thank every member who has taken place in mobilization activities! The Company hears you loud and clear. There has been continued progress at the bargaining table, and even though we remain far apart on many issues progress is being made. The Company has still not come nearly far enough on certain issues, but we see some light at the end of the tunnel. Your sustained mobilization is the key to getting us over the finish line, and your efforts are making us stronger at the table.

Today, during our meeting with the Company they blatantly rejected all written Union proposals, which included Wages, Job Security, Call Routing, and Call Center Commitment. The Company again maintained their stance that they will not entertain a lifetime agreement with regards to any Security provisions. Frontier’s position is firm that security provisions shall expire in 2024 prior to the expiration of the contract.

Over the last week the Orange Bargaining Committee has continued to meet with the Company. There has been some positive movement in many areas, and we know that movement is because of the hard work all of you are doing mobilizing. The Company can hear you loud and clear demanding a fair contract. While we are happy to report that some progress has been made, we need you to continue to put the pressure on and ramp up mobilization because we are still far apart on the most important issues.

In our meeting with the Company today we received a counter offer allowing members in the EPO Healthcare plan to transition to the closed Healthnet Insurance Plan on a one-time basis. Many of our members transitioned to the EPO Plan prior to the deductible for medical and prescription being applied, this would give those members the opportunity to return to an HMO plan.

We met with the Company today and discussed in detail California Paid Sick Leave. We had met with Legal Counsel on this subject and proposed to the Company our language that allows our members to utilize CPSL as a true sick benefit.

The Company is taking back our proposed language on CPSL and we will meet on this at our next meeting. The Company is still reviewing our position on Healthcare and we will also be discussing in our next meeting.