Today,  the  CWA Bargaining  Committee  met  to  discuss  Frontier’s  lack  of adequate  movement  concerning  Job Security,  Wages  and TPA.

Your Bargaining Committee has met with Frontier’s committee several days regarding the topics mentioned below.

The Orange Bargaining Committee continues to meet with the Company. As previously reported, we are making progress and have tentative agreements on many important issues.  There are only a few issues left to reach an agreement, but they are important issues. We need all of you to keep up the fight and put pressure on AT&T. It’s been 5 years since so many of you had enough and walked out on the company in a historic strike at Mobility.
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Bargaining has continued everyday this week and with just a couple days until expiration, we remain far apart on many key issues. While there has been some progress, the Union Bargaining Committee has submitted multiple proposals that have gone unanswered.
Today marks the end of Week 2 of Bargaining the Orange Contract. The Union Bargaining committee spent a lot of time with specific proposals for each group in the Orange Contract.

Contract negotiations for the AT&T Mobility and DirecTV Orange contracts have begun. The current agreement, which expires on February 11 after being extended for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, covers employees who primarily work in call center, retail store, and technician jobs across the U.S., mainly in the West, Midwest, and Northeast regions. The workers have raised concerns about issues such as the offshoring of call center jobs to low-wage countries, retail jobs going to Authorized Dealers, and contracting out of technicians’ jobs.

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The Orange Bargaining Committee met with the Company again today. The Union spent several hours discussing Call Center issues for Brick-and-Mortar locations as well as work from home issues. Scheduling, time off, observations and several other issues were discussed at length.
Today the Orange Bargaining Committee met with the AT&T bargaining committee to begin the negotiations for the AT&T Orange Contract that covers thousands of workers across the United States. We are bargaining in an environment of incredible challenges including inflation, worker unrest and the ongoing Covid Pandemic.

Final Bargaining Report
CWA and Frontier California Inc.
January 11, 2022

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