Today,  the  CWA Bargaining  Committee  met  to  discuss  Frontier’s  lack  of adequate  movement  concerning  Job Security,  Wages  and TPA.

Your Bargaining Committee has met with Frontier’s committee several days regarding the topics mentioned below.

The Orange Bargaining Committee continues to meet with the Company. As previously reported, we are making progress and have tentative agreements on many important issues.  There are only a few issues left to reach an agreement, but they are important issues. We need all of you to keep up the fight and put pressure on AT&T. It’s been 5 years since so many of you had enough and walked out on the company in a historic strike at Mobility.
The latest information about who is voting to join CWA.

The Union and Company are continuing to meet in discussions regarding the last remaining open items. Through this we have reached a tentative agreement on the VEBA/Retiree medical MOA.

The Company began responding to the Unions open information request about the contracting of bargaining unit work and improving the monthly reporting of contracting to the Union. Our open items remain as before, wages, 401(k) and Fiber (formally FiOS) work of the Future.

The Union and Company have continued to meet in off the record discussions regarding the last remaining open items. The remaining items include wages, retiree medical, 401K matching and the FIOS Jobs of the Future MOA.

The Union Committee met with the Local President’s today to update them on the current status. The Union will meet again with Frontier tomorrow to continue discussions on these open subjects. After tomorrow’s meeting with the Company we will disseminate another update.

Workers from Integral Care vote to join with CWA, and workers at Google have filed an unfair labor practice complaint against Modis.

Since the last update your Bargaining Committee has been meeting with the Company reviewing the data responses from our RFI’s. During this arduous task we were able to tentatively agree to Out of State Loan Process language and new language for Training.

“Consultants have also told employees that joining a union might get them a contract with less wages and less benefits than they currently have. But think about how ridiculous that argument is. If companies genuinely thought unions would negotiate worse terms for their employees, they’d be welcoming them in with open arms.” -John Oliver on Union Busting

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On this Veterans Day, the entire CWA family proudly salutes the thousands of CWA member and retiree military veterans and their families as well as the broader veteran community for their service and sacrifice.