Today,  the  CWA Bargaining  Committee  met  to  discuss  Frontier’s  lack  of adequate  movement  concerning  Job Security,  Wages  and TPA.

Your Bargaining Committee has met with Frontier’s committee several days regarding the topics mentioned below.

The Orange Bargaining Committee continues to meet with the Company. As previously reported, we are making progress and have tentative agreements on many important issues.  There are only a few issues left to reach an agreement, but they are important issues. We need all of you to keep up the fight and put pressure on AT&T. It’s been 5 years since so many of you had enough and walked out on the company in a historic strike at Mobility.
Contract bargaining continues over several issues. Keep Mobilizing!
Striving to reach a tentative agreement on outstanding issues, all while both parties agreed to recess for counterproposal considerations with slight movement from company. Key issues discussed were wages, benefits and job security.
Bargaining into the evening every night with polar opposites with the Company on wages, medical and job security.
August 27, 2021 - CWA's Frontier Bargaining Committee have been meeting to discuss items from surveys.
Frontier Bargaining Committee updates that they are discussing current agreements and a tentative agreement the union has enhanced regarding GPS. Members will cast their vote to strike and have a week to make their vote count.
After numerous weeks of Effects Bargaining, we are pleased to announce that CWA and AT&T have successfully concluded negotiations.
CWA met virtually this week with DirecTV on effects of the sale and how it could affect our members.
Today Frontier Workers in Local 9588 held a Multi-Yard Informational Picket Blitz.