Frontier Bargaining Update - May 12, 2022

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (May 9, 11, 12), your Union Bargaining Committee continued to meet with Frontier in Federal Mediation.  The Company and the Union made slight progress on several demands from the Union membership.

 The items addressed and still in progress are:

 •   California Paid Sick Leave

•   Healthcare Cost (Cost Share, Open Enrollment, Plan Options)

•   Job Security Provisions

•   Wages (We reiterated that this remains an outstanding item)

•   Work-At-Home

 Be Engaged and Mobilize!

 Let Frontier know that you, the members, are serious!

 All your strength is in UNION, all your danger is in discord!

 Continue to Stand United… Make the Company hear you!


 Your Union Bargaining Committee,

Lynn Johnson, CWA Area Director          Steve Maldonado, CWA Local 9400 Vice President

Don Ruiz, CWA Staff Rep                           Thomas Gardella, CWA Local 9510 Vice President

Lisa Shafer, CWA Local 9575 President     Maggie McCormack, CWA Local 9588 President

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