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Frontier Bargaining Update - October 28, 2022

The two Committees continued to negotiate bringing Frontier into compliance with Article 7-Contracting of Work. Your Bargaining Committee refuses to waiver from our position that the FJF MOA expired. Frontier’s Committee expressed they will maintain the MOA as is. Today, Frontier’s counter proposal conveyed not only wanting to continue contracting out the fiber build, but included language indicating they wanted the ability to contract all aspects of the fiber work without limitations. Frontier’s argument was Verizon adopted the original MOA, Verizon’s financial situation is far from Frontier’s (e.g., recent Bankruptcy structuring), and employees should trust Frontier would follow the same pattern of not triggering a surplus due to contracting numbers (one comment … acquisition headcount 3,100 and 1,900 employees now). The Committees recessed so Frontier could draft another counter proposal. Your Committee advised they will remain on standby over the weekend.

Don’t forget…

•   The Membership supported Frontier through numerous PUC hearings regarding the Acquisition;

•   The Membership rallied in support of Frontier when customers wanted to dump the company;

•  The Membership remained true during their self-imposed bankruptcy – mismanagement of assets;

•   The Bargaining Committee proposed language stepping Frontier into compliance of Article 7-Contracting of Work so they may have time to secure assets (tools/equipment and personnel).

Continue to stay engaged with your Local Representative for updates.

Several Down … One More to Go!


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