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Frontier Bargaining Update - October 7, 2022

07 Oct, 2022

Today your Bargaining Committee met with the Company and educated them on the aspects and benefits of a functioning Apprenticeship Program. The Apprenticeship Program will be a direct means of coming into compliance with Article 7-Contracting of Work. The Program will address the Company’s claims that they are having difficulty in filling open requisitions due to the industry lacking skilled trained technicians; therefore, this Program will be a direct pipeline to fulfill personnel needs.

As mentioned in our previous updates, we are down to the final topics of discussion. Your Committee made it clear to the Company that we cannot permit them to violate Article 7, but we have proposed alternatives to address their financial issues caused by previous mismanagement of the business. Discussions are fluid and tracking in a positive aspect, the Company agreed our proposed Apprenticeship Program is a viable means to a resolution; however, we have NOT reached a tentative agreement. Please remain in communication with your assigned Mobilizer and be prepared to STRIKE if necessary.


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