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GOTV | Phone Hustle banking on behalf of Labor

21 Oct, 2022

The D.9 L&P team would like to thank everyone for assisting with Getting Out The Vote. 

CWAers Across the Country Continue to Mobilize for the Midterm Elections

The midterm elections are less than three weeks away. CWA members across the country are ramping up their mobilization to ensure that our endorsed pro-worker candidates win office.

Phone Banking for Keith Ellison

Last week, activists from across the country joined CWA's first National Night of Action by participating in a virtual phone bank to help get out the vote for Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Ellison has a long history of supporting workers in Congress and, as Minnesota Attorney General, he fought to save CWA members' jobs at Frontier and made the company invest at least $10 million over four years to improve its broadband network.

Collectively, the volunteers were able to dial almost 8,500 households and identify over 200 supporters for Ellison.

Phone Banking in California

In California, CWAers did a “Twin Day” phone bank and got out the vote for CWA-endorsed California Congressional candidates, as well as Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.

For more information about these races or to sign up for virtual actions this midterm cycle, click here.


In Unity,


Frank Arce, Vice President

CWA District 9, AFL-CIO

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